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What is the REAL ESTATE boot camp?


Boot Camp allows a small group of hungry real estate professionals experience legitimate and practical operations of Welby’s property management.


In a 6 week period, a group of 50 participants is taken with Welby and his employees to real investment properties, walking them through the entire process of initial dealings to final arrangements, allowing them to see up close the complete inner workings of the process.

Boot Camp was built on the foundation of factual and tangible procedures, rather than theoretical teachings of larger, less intimate educational services.


When the 50 participants go through the properties, they are seeing real documentation, the actual papers being used for his own operation of the property.


Welby understands the ineffectiveness of traditional education in the current Real Estate Market and encourages others to treat his Boot Camp with the same sort of skepticism. He urges them not to believe a word he says and do the research to confirm the legitimacy of the organization.

The boot camp isn't a money play, nor a major source of income for Welby in any sense. Rather an opportunity to give back and establish a tangible way a real estate professional can engage in effective, rewarding education. There is a hard cap on the number of participants per term because he wants to instill an intimate, practical, no rush environment that is focused on learning rather than racking up numbers or shoveling theory.

Welby believes that utilizing tools developed by legitimate real estate experience you will find success.


Through his own experiences and his Boot Camp effort, he wants to help others understand that the tools for prosperity in this business are not only possible but attainable with persistence and proper vision.

Boot Camp
Boot Camp
Boot Camp
Boot Camp
Boot Camp

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