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WELBY ACCELY. Real Estate Investor & Flips To Profit Expert

Since 2014, Welby has been helping thousands of people find success with real estate investing throughout the US with more students in the Tri-State area.



A first generation, New York born, Haitian American, Welby was always to some extent on his own as he figured out a path toward prosperity. To make it, he would have to determine his own route to bigger and better things. There was never any real mentorship early on and his life, but when Welby would visit his godfather in Long Island he realize the stark difference in location and lifestyle compared to where he grew up. Seeing that his godfather became successful via the real estate market, Welby clung to the idea that real estate investing was worth his passion and devotion.

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Early on, Welby began managing several properties during the subprime mortgage boom of the early 2000s. This was a time of trial and error, but he understood that full dedication and total hustle would be a necessity. Still, with the crash in 2009, Welby's holdings in the market had all but disappeared, forcing him to pursue a number of other business ventures. In the coming years he devoted himself to a nursing agency, a car dealership, and a tire shop business that unfortunately, despite his best efforts all fell apart.

By 2014, Welby reflected on his past practices in real estate and other businesses and realized that he had been making similar mistakes across all his ventures. Even through his failures, he saw others around him finding success, but he understood that it was their success, and not something holding his own success back. There was always a firm belief that he could do anything himself, and he understood his work ethic and experiences wouldn't allow him to fail.

With a renewed tenacity, Welby devoted his full efforts back into his original passions surrounding the real estate market. This time however, he knew he needed to overhaul his business practices to ensure stable and result driven success. This called for a dismissal of over relying on friends and others who might not be the perfect people for his operation. Additionally, he realized that he had previously had a habit of putting the cart before the horse and jumping right into business without a proper foundation.

He wanted to manage his property and accounts with a structurally sound team built from the ground up. This meant establishing a corporation and gathering the perfect team before he started spending money. The proper attorney, accountant, contractors, realtors, electricians etc. were found so that he could have a solid, team centric operation before going in heavy.

With this new approach, he was able to find and retain valuable success, investing in numerous New York and Connecticut properties and building an organization of 12 employees.

During this time, Welby was constantly learning about the real estate market to develop as a thought leader and professional. Over the years he has occasionally entertained, as many real estate investors have, speaking at large seminars for real estate professionals. Yet because of the large scale & surface level nature of these events, Welby never saw them as real opportunities to help others develop tangible, valuable skills necessary to succeed in the market.


After learning from over two decades of trial and error, Welby strategically designed his process to minimize his risk and maximize profitability.

Over the past 4 years leading up to late 2021 he has successfully found and flipped about 80 properties, In 2021, he has trained over 1000 students through his online courses and about 200 students through his in-person real estate ride along program.

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