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How To Build A Monthly Five Figure Net Rental Income Using My House Flipping Strategy

Challenge Starts Mar 1st - 2nd 2022 at 7pm - 9pm EST

Welby Accely Presents:
Free 2 Day Online Real Estate Flips To Rental Profits Challenge

Learn How To Spot The Right Opportunities, Control The Money And Build Your Real Estate Portfolio Like A Boss!!!

You'll Learn These Three Major Breakthrough Insights

Breakthrough One

How To Analyze A Property For Its Flipping & Rental Potential

Breakthrough Two

The 5 Systems/Assets You Need To Have To Help You Reduce Your Fear Of Failure

Breakthrough Three

How To Maximize Your Profit Potential From Your Property

"Building A Successful Real Estate Investment Business Comes Down To Controlling The Money..."

My goal is to teach you how to understad the theory around your numbers because when you understand your numbers, you will gain control over the money and when you have control over the money then NO REALTOR, CONTRACTORS, OR HARD MONEY LENDERS CAN MESS WITH YOU.

What You'll Get From This Free 2 Day Flips to Rental Profits Challenge

Over the Live 2 Day Challenge Workshop, you'll learn how to break down your numbers like a BOSS so you have the confidence to negotiate your deals.

You'll understand how to make sure that your flips to rental are profitable from the start before you even place an offer.

You'll learn how to find properties that are within your budget in any city and putting together your real estate money team.

You'll learn how to create your own systems that reduces your risk and eliminate fear of failure

You'll learn some of the housing programs that allows you to maximize your profit potential

Access to a private Facebook Group created exclusively for this challenge.

And of course, don't forget the workbook

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