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In This 5-Weeks Intensive Mastermind You'll Learn How To Flip The Game, Flip Your Mind & Learn How To Build The Capital You Need To Invest In Your First or Next Real Estate Portfolio

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Welby Accely is a successful real estate investor with an active 8 figure rental portfolio, an entrepreneur and has mentored thousands of real estate investors to success. As a first generation, New York born, Haitian American, Welby was always to some extent on his own as he figured out a path toward success.

His mission for over 20 years as an investor after having three major setbacks in life has been to deliver a better education in real estate to those seeking to understand the real business of real estate and not just the highlight reels we see on social media. 


Welby has strategically designed his process to minimize his risk and maximize profitability while building success outside the traditional path.

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Coaching/Consultation With

"I don't want you to go through this real estate business as hard as I did when I got started. Let me walk you my strategies to help you resolve your specific concern."


I can help you buy right, work with your contractors and give your the real truth about this business.

Book a consultation call with me now.




Get My Bestselling Book FREE

Get access to the PDF downloadable version of my book as my gift to you.

This book will provide you a step-by-step process of the startup mindset I use to find a property, renovate and ultimately sell. Some of the things in this book might be a refresher to you, but there are some aspects of the content that will definitely surprise you.

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[Course] The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Flipping Real Estate For Profits

This course is for those that aspire to build wealth through flipping real estate and you are just getting started on your journey. 

Through this course you will learn the exact process and steps that I have used to flip over 70 properties in the last 4 years. I will walk you through how you will find your first flip through the traditional method already available to you

[Course] How To Build a Net Five Figure Monthly Income Real Estate Rental Portfolio

This course is not about house hacking it's about building a rental portfolio using my specific steps to protect your investment.

You'll learn how to look for profitable properties and where to find them. How to evaluate the properties, how to setup each team member to work for you and how to find them, increasing your property value and rent. And so much more

Learning Content



"If I Can Do It, You Can Do It Too" - Welby

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Media Appearances

Xavier discussed how Welby became a real estate millionaire, losing it all 3x in real estate before taking off, why buying real estate without a plan is not a win and more.

What happens when you get a call saying your triplex is on fire? All the work, money, and time you spent on the deal is slowly turning into embers and ash. Learn the ugly side of real estate with Welby.

Matt Garland and Quiana Watson unpack Welby Accelys out of state real estate investment strategy. Want to learn how to look for out of state deals? If so, grab a pen and pad. From losing it all to coming all the way up Welby’s interview is one that will leave you inspired.

Many people give up on real estate investing after one bad deal, one bad tenant, or one bad flip. If you lost all you had from bad deals, would you still be willing to bet on real estate?

From humbling beginnings, to a not always rewarding career in real estate investing, Welby was able to flip his mistakes into a success story.

Welby Accely, has mastered the art of maximizing revenue per unit and automating his flips. Despite his primary focus being quality over quantity, Welby has done over 100 flips in just four years!

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